View Poll Results: How many use their treo 650/600 as main mp3 player?

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  • Yes. I use my Treo 600/650.

    164 74.21%
  • No. I got a separate mp3 player.

    46 20.81%
  • I dont carry mp3 or use it on treo. have CD player. or NADA!

    11 4.98%
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    I use the 650 every day as mp3 player; while reading books on it, while driving in the car -- requires FM transmitter, at work, and even out in the yard.

    I change tunes on the card about every other day.

    I use a 2.5mm to 3.5mm dongle with mic, and with connection to the FM transmitter gives me complete handsfree in the car. I unplug my headphones and plug in the FM transmitter whenever I get into the car. However, I often forget to replug when I get out of the car!

    I would estimate that the treo in my shirt pocket plays mp3s about 8-12 hours a day.
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    I tried it, but I stick with my iPod for serious music listening because it syncs back to iTunes with play counts, and because my iTunes playlists carry over. More than that, though, the iPod plays 256 kbit AAC and of course my purchased music, which the Treo can not do.

    I do however use the treo to listen to streaming radio and live air traffic control. Rather nerdy, I suppose, but it makes for oddly soothing background noise during long drives, and it's just mono voices, so I just listen with my headset. I also manage to keep my Treo charged and at my side, while the iPod sometimes gets left on my desk.

    The main problem for me is headphones. The little adapter is a pain in the ***, I've lost two already. I'm skeptical of combo headsets, and I'm spoiled by my Shure Quietspot.

    Any recommendations on convenient, high-quality combo headset/headphones?
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    Quote Originally Posted by siriusbliss
    Being a musician, I like to 'sweeten' the MP3's before loading them onto my Treo just to make the MP3's sound better/warmer/bigger.
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    Every day on the train -
    da Gimp

    Please note: My spelling sucks and I'm to lazy to check it.
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    Ptunes Deluxe... mostly WMA's every day from work, sometimes both ways (If it's too late for Bob and Tom) and the occasional shoutcast Comedy stream (NBOX or NHB).

    This alone makes this the coolest "gadget" I've ever owned
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kahuna
    With my Shure headphones that I paid a pretty penny for it sounds great. I am not an audiophile so I can not speak for the quality but it sounds good to me and that is all I am looking for.
    u mention you have shure headphones yet you say ur not an audiophile?
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    For some reason the soundjack on my Treo stopped working after about one week of jogging. Any other people have this problem? My Treo is 3 months old and I'm not sure if this is covered under the warranty. I've tried two different adapters and headphones, and there's definitely a problem with the jack. I have no idea how the warranty stuff works out, bought it on TreoCentral but not sure if I can take it to the local Sprint store. Any help would be appreciated...

    As for playing mp3s, I was using a combination of the basic ptunes and CardExport to play and transfer the mp3s respectively. Both are fantastic software and highly recommended. If I can only get my jack to work without buying a new Treo..
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    just got back from going running (on a treadmill) with my Treo. I use it ALL the time, esp with my palmOne 'Hybrid Headset'. Having the one device with me constantly makes the functionality so much greater than a standalone music player.
    On airplanes, I read books on my Treo and listen to music, while other folks dig out their big books and their iPods, I'm doing it all seamlessly with one device. Treo rules.
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    I use PTunes several times daily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KAOSWLF
    Damn!! Thats alot of hardware... Are you a tester or just an addict??
    Since 2000 this has been my music devices

    Summer 2000: Sony DEJ-915 CD, it broke down on me, Sony replaced it, gave it to my roomate

    Fall 2000: Panasonic RQ-SW88 to fill the void of my CD player being fixed...great tape player...small and everything..i can't find it lost it in my moves in 2001. Sold my old Sony walkman at the pawn shop for 40 bucks

    February 2001: Sony DEJ-01 CD 25th Anniversary edition. First thing I ever won on eBay. I lent it to my best friend but basically destroyed it. It still works but I need to find a new remote and such

    Summer 2001: Sony MZ-R900 Japan made White made of strong metal. Also Xitel DG2 Device to send my mp3s optical to my md player/recorder. First MD player. I've always wanted one. It was great (sold it on ebay)

    February 2002: Sony MZ-N1 Blue, Japan import. The first NetMD player to be released. It was going well, until I got my new computer and it wouldnt recongnize the item. It was a well known problem. (Sold it on ebay)

    Fall 2002: Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox 3 20GB, with 2nd battery, leather case, remote and dock. First MP3 player I got. I was instantly hooked because now I had bi-directional movement of my MP3s. (Sold it on ebay)

    February 2003: Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox Zen USB 2.0 with remote Basically the same thing as the Jukebox 3 but smaller. The first one I had broke in the summer 2003, and got it replaced in the fall 2003 (brand new and such). Sold it locally in ottawa summer 2004.

    Summer 2003: Apple 3G iPod 15 GB with USB 2.0/FW hybrid cable and Battery backup plus iSkins. The ipods are great. They are beautiful and do carry a certain class with them with you have them. However i went thru 3 of them. All them (except for the third at present) Crashed and what not, and apple had to send me 2 replacements. Also this was the first MP3 player I had which didnt have standard bi-directional movememnt. It was annoying and such as I crash my computer quite often on purpose. Luckily there were 3rd party manufacturers who made software which allowed bi-directional movement. But I didnt like it that I had to buy another piece of software, ontop of the crappy software which came with my ipod (Back then it was musicmatches Jukebox as iTunes for windows wasnt out yet). Lent it to my brother, now it is still back in Montreal in my underwear/sock drawer

    Summer 2004: Giving up on my iPod i purchased a iRiver iHP-h120 (20gb) as per recommendations on hofo. I love it! Although not as beautiful looking as an ipod, it cames standard with bi-directional movement, an LCD remote, and whole bunch of other things. To add to it, no software needed. Simply connect the USB port to the player and done. Instantly found as a HD (like the ipod) however all you have to do is drag and drop items into the player and such. Very simple and powerful.

    Now I think its time to buy a new player, however I dont like the fact that most products now say they integrate with WMP10. I'm assuming that that means its no longer drag and drop...

    all in all for all that hardware i paid approx 6220 CAD over those years
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gantry
    For some reason the soundjack on my Treo stopped working after about one week of jogging. Any other people have this problem? My Treo is 3 months old and I'm not sure if this is covered under the warranty.
    It's covered, and a known problem. I've already had one Treo replaced for that very reason. Search here for more info.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by hofo_mofo
    all in all for all that hardware i paid approx 6220 CAD over those years
    ok... so that means yes to being an addict.. LOL I'm the same way...
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    I do, work out 3 days a week, 30-45 min of cardio and weights. No issues.
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    I have a 1GB sd card full of MP3s, but I'm sad to say I rarely use it as an MP3 player. Here are my primary reasons:
    1) I have an iRiver that is much smaller (better for jogging and such)
    2) The stupid adapter is yet another piece to carry around/loose
    3) I don't really want to carry around headphones all the time

    If I weren't in an area where everyone has their own car (say if I were in NYC for example) I'm sure I'd use it during my commute. However, I spend all of my commute in the car w/ my nice Alpine system that plays MP3s as well.
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    The Good: Not only do I use my 1 gb lexar for my 5 year olds MP3's, my own MP3's and My son's Star War's Episode 1 movie, I am a lawyer and have dozens of documents in acrobat and word for everyday work.

    THe Bad: I have to share but only when drastic measures are needed, such as 4 hours on the Tarmac snowed in on an airplane, My daughter gave a concert a la Hillary Duff, Pink and Lindsay Lohan. When my son's game boy gave out He was still able to watch SW1.

    The Ugly: Caught my 5 year old riding up and down the street with my Oakley sunglasses on and my TREO listening to her music full blast from the front of her bicycle basket . Her only saving grace is that she still had her training wheels so no crashes occured!!
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    I ski with my treo all day playing mp3's through my giro fuse helmet which has speakers in the ear flap. when I get a call in the lift line I just answer it and people wonder who I'm talking to. and the new pocket tunes upgrade resumes music playing after the phone call eliminating the need to pull it out of my pocket.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ozziegn
    I've been finding myself using my 650 as an MP3 player more and more and I was wondering how many other people do the same with theirs?

    is this a common thing with this phone or am I just a cell phone geek who likes to play music through his phone?
    I use mine to while away hours while in the air, with Bose noise reduction headphones. On my 600 I used PTunes and OGG files (1/2 the size of MP3), but I decided to stick with Real on the 650, so went back to MP3. Recently started carrying MP3s downloaded from CoastToCoastAM. The four hour show fits nicely into my 5 hours transcontinental flights. P.S. I don't travel on SouthWest because they won't let me use my Treo in flight, even with the phone turned off. All real airlines do not stop me.
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    Hahahaha....soon all "real" airlines will be gone and SW will be the only REAL airline left. LOL
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    Quote Originally Posted by Geckotek
    Hahahaha....soon all "real" airlines will be gone and SW will be the only REAL airline left. LOL
    And if that is the future of air travel, that is when I hang up my hat and retire. Now, Song, JetBlue show that discount airlines don't have to make air travel a pain. But hey, SWA caters to a particular market and more strength to them there. But not for us frequent fliers, at least not this one, thanks.
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    Well, I obviously exaggerate, but they are the most prosperous at the moment and many are looking to their business model to save their own butts from going under.

    While I disagree on the whole "can't use your Treo" bit, you have to admit they must be doing something right.
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