View Poll Results: How many use their treo 650/600 as main mp3 player?

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  • Yes. I use my Treo 600/650.

    164 74.21%
  • No. I got a separate mp3 player.

    46 20.81%
  • I dont carry mp3 or use it on treo. have CD player. or NADA!

    11 4.98%
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    Sounds like a bad connection. I assume the Jabras either don't need the adapter or you have the adapter?
    If it doesn't have a slot for SDHC--I don't want it. Period.
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    I WOULD use it if it had the capability of using A2DP. Between ptunes and Audible Air, I'd be SET! I've got a set of Creative CB2530 Bluetooth Headphones that I love, but I'd STRONGLY consider the Plantronics Pulsar 590A if I had A2DP.
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    I used to use it with an adapter at night, then I got scared I would ruin the jack... and nowthen I started to use it via the speaker. Today I used the jack for the first time on New replacement 650 and guess what... I has a loose connection!

    My old phone has a 3.5 mm jack hack, I guess I need to add it to this phone as well
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    I Agree. Just Got The 700p & Was Thinking The Same Thing. Why Carry Around Two Things? My Ipods Been Sitting In My Draw For 4 Months Now.........
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    I have a 60gb Gigabeat, so don't use the treo as an Mp3 player...
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    I listen every day with my 4GB card. I have a few movies that take up about 300MB each as well as a couple of Tomtom maps, language translation dictionary’s and My MP3’s on it. It’s really cool to use it in Europe because I travel to many countries by car or train. On the train I like to load movies I have not watched yet and view them on long trips. As for the music, it powers my car audio and a set of collapsible custom made Koss Porta pro head phones. Btw I find that Real player is much better at handling multitasking than Ptunes so I use that when I’m running the Tomtom GPS Application otherwise its stutter city. It would be interesting to know about all the mp3 players out that allow background play And the amount of system resources they consume.

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    headphones and a 2gb card with my 650. Works better audio quality wise than my Creative Nano Plus mp3 player.
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    Now is there a way to get Bluetooth stereo headphones to work? i bought a cheap set of the combo mic and stereo earphones. only 1 ear bud works, is that the problem people complain about? please help i do use it as a mp3, I am a mechanic(heavyline) and it keeps me scooting along.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Onebadcat View Post
    Now is there a way to get Bluetooth stereo headphones to work?
    Read up on Softick Audio Gateway (SAG) there are a number of threads on it. It is designed to provide stereo sound via Bluetooth and does so with varying degrees of success for various Treo/headset combinations.
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    I love using my treo 650 for MP3's I listen to with head phones and when I'm on my computer I use the speaker and I'll even use my amplified speakers.. Ipod don't have a speaker, can't make calls, don't have a calender, can't text, can't MMS, can't get emails, etc, etc, etc.
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