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    I created a custom rom today without any problems ... Thanks to this forum! I do have one question though. As i loaded mRing onto my palm and tried to activate it the following message comes up.

    "Since MP3 decoder is not installed, You will not be able to use MP3 files as ringtones"

    Would this be cause by a file that I deleted while building the custom rom?
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    what mring version?? previous to ver 2.7 it needed ptunes installed to work
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    Even 2.7 needs PTunes.... Unless you have a Treo650.
    Here are a couple of quotes from the website:

    * MP3 requires PocketTunes v2.1 or later on Treo 600. On Treo 650 mRing includes support for MP3
    Included standalone capability to play mp3 ring tones (only on Treo 650)
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    I have mRing 2.7 on a Treo 650. It worked without any problems prior the custom rom. I think I found where i deleted the file that I need, but haven't tested yet. Thanks for the replies.

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