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    For those of you who use cingular do you prefer their xpress mail for getting you r emails or do you prefer versamail??????

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    In my opinion, the only reason to use XPress Mail is for getting email from an exchange server. If your just using POP or IMAP, I don't Xpress is better.
    If you use versamail with MS activesync, I would think that this is better than using XPress mails desktop redirector to access exchange.
    I use XPress Mail to get MS exchange email past a corporate firewall because activeync isn't an option for me. But I use SnapperMail (instead of versamail) for my personal pop and IMAP email as Snapper is a better email client for that purpose. However there's nothing necessarily wrong with just using Versmail rather than Snapper.
    You can try out XPress mail at no charge. Just follow the link to register it.
    You only pay for your data (and that means nothing extra if you have an unlimited data plan.) Registering and using xpress mail adds nothing at all to your bill.
    Therefore, you can try it out and see.
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    I use xpressmail for my office e-mail (exchange server) and Versamail for my home ISP, gmail.

    I sync at the office to get my outlOk calendar items merged with Treo's datebk5.

    This keeps my personal stuff separate from the office stuff.

    xpressmail works well (except for when the desktop re-director disconnects with either the xpressmail server or exchange). I wish I could save attachments ...

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