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  • NEVER!

    25 27.78%
  • Only once and it scared the hell outta me!

    24 26.67%
  • MORE than once and it sucks! ...but less than 5 times.

    30 33.33%
  • MORE than 5 times.

    10 11.11%
  • MORE than10 times =..(

    1 1.11%
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    Well, I've dropped mine about twice onto solid concrete from hip level, and once onto a hardwood floor from about 1 foot up.

    How much of a butterfingers are you?
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    I dropped it once from pocket height onto an asphalt parking lot. Thankfully I had a TreoCentral S650 skin case on it, and it survived with absolutely no damage, cosmetic or functional.
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    I dropped mine once when I fell up the steps after a long night out but I definently sobered up quick when I seen my girl.. I mean treo sliding away.
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    Never. Zero. Zilch.

    However, I did run over the Palm Vx with my car after it fell off my belt clip. . . . . $100 deductible on the home owners insurance.
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    I dropped mine once. I walked into my business and was turning the lights on when it flew out of my hand and hit the tile floor. Thank goodness the impact only jolted the sim and the radio power cycled once. The t650 was in a treo horizontal case from Cingular.
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    Yes i know, how could i let this happen? I dropped it the 1st time only after having it for 30 mins. I almost cried. It even fell in water @ disneyland, but it still works like a charm. I know I've abused it, Please don't call the Treo Police it wont happen again!!
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    Drop it all the time. I've got one of those Krussell cases around it (modified) and it lives in a Bellagio pouch case on my hip. It jumps out of the case every now and then getting in the Jeep.

    Still works fine, and that's why I've got insurance on it anyway.
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    once from waist high, it was in the krusell case at the time (thank goodness) No damage physically or mechanically.
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    5+ times so far! 4x have been minor drops with no ill effect; however, one time a drop caused a key on the thumbbaord to stick causing the Treo to feeze indefintely...
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    josephaoliva, & gfunkmagic that's some serious Treo abuse
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    Only once,,,,,,It was horrible,,,,,,,,Ahhhhhh it makes me mad just talking about it

    I forgot it was sitting on my lap when I got out of the car,,,,it flew bouncing end over end accross the driveway.

    Scratched the cr@p out of 2 corners and the plastic around the camera @#?&##!!!
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    have not droppd this one yet
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    1 time, it jumped out of my pocket while I was running, it hit on the rough concrete floor and bounced couple feet away, ended up with some ugly scraches.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToroA
    have not droppd this one yet
    You might have just jinksed you self!!
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    havent yet...a frind of mine dropped like 3 times in the first 48 hrs and its all scratched up...only makes me more careful with mine
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    None!!! God forbid... just thinking about that prospect makes me break out in chills!!!
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    I dropped it once 4 days was in my Vaja Treo 600 Classic case--and ON my belt--when I was running to my car.

    The clip must have logged free, as my T650 dropped to the concrete floor with the T600 case still protecting it. Even still, I was pissed. Amazingly, only 2 small near-invisible scratches: one on the backend of the antenna (the camera side) and one near the curved right edge of the T650...near the back. (The only areas where the Vaja classic case didn't protect it.) You can't even see the scratches when its in a cradle (or a case), thankfully.

    Just in time, too, as my FedEx tracking says I should be getting my Vaja T650 T66 case first thing Monday morning! (6.13.05) No more running or jogging with my Treo, as the T66 case has the SD slot real estate area unprotected.

    BTW, I ordered a SECOND belt clip with my original T66 case order. Those clips have a half-life of 6 months or less, as I and others here have unfortunately discovered. Do a thread search on 'Vaja clip' and you'll see what I mean...
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    I dropped mine once shortly after i got it and it was a nasty spill. It fell from about 4 feet onto an asphalt street. It bounced several times causing some scratches. Little mirror in the back has a small scratch as well as the antenna, left corner a tad and a small almost unnoticeable knick on the "m" key.
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    Ive never dropped mine, but for some reason I have a rediculous scrape on the battery cover... I have no idea how it got there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamespaulritter
    Only once,,,,,,It was horrible,,,,,,,,Ahhhhhh it makes me mad just talking about it

    I forgot it was sitting on my lap when I got out of the car,,,,it flew bouncing end over end accross the driveway.

    Scratched the cr@p out of 2 corners and the plastic around the camera @#?&##!!!
    I dropped mine the same way. It hit the cement two time, damaging the camera and a little bit of the back. No internal damage only physical. What's stupid was half an hour later, i came home to see that my aluminum case has arrived. ARG. Bought a new treo because of that and put it in the original treo 600 case (just to protect it from scratches.
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