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  • NEVER!

    25 27.78%
  • Only once and it scared the hell outta me!

    24 26.67%
  • MORE than once and it sucks! ...but less than 5 times.

    30 33.33%
  • MORE than 5 times.

    10 11.11%
  • MORE than10 times =..(

    1 1.11%
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    zilch for me as well.
    I decided right after getting mine to treat it the same as my $4k laptop & also immediately bought a worthy case. I've had a couple of close calls, but managed to save it from drops. Gripping it like an iron fist also helps a bunch!
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    Dropped mine twice. Both times about 4 feet. Once on a ceramic floor at a starbucks, still don't know the root cause of that accident. I think I just twitched and knocked it of the table. Minor case scratch. The other time in my house on carpeting. Bounces pretty good. Only other damage to the phone happened when it was about two weeks old. Got a 1/8 inch scratch on the screen which I to this day can't figure out how I did that. Refuse to use screen protectors.
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    One more but it was a treo 600. At a bring your own restaurant at the shore. Pretty hammered. Ice bucket with the beer right next to me. Fell out of my shorts pockets right in the ice water. Turned phone off, let it dry and when I turned it on, it worked by all my data was lost. Hot sync solved that problem. Week later it wiped out my memory again. Good thing the treo 650 came out that week.
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