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    Hi. Just a quick question on TakePhone, used on Verizon's 650 in conjunction with VoiceDial from PalmOne... When cancelling out of VoiceDial, it goes back to Palm's native 'Phone' screen instead of back to TakePhone or to the main PalmOS screen one was in when they started VoiceDial. My normal use is to be in TakePhone's display after pushing the phone-on button, they pushing the middle side button to start voicedial. Thanks in advance for any input.

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    I think you should post this in the shsh thread, located in the dvelopers corner section. You will get a response quickly from Shimon (the developer of TP)
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    The "return after calls" option in TAKEphONE is activated when a call ends.

    If I understand you correctly - this is not the case here - the VoiceDial application is the one cancelling, and no call is ever established, right ?

    If that is the case, afraid I hve to "send" you to VoiceDial developers...

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