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    Trying to see the advantages of one over the other...anyone experienced with both or a huge fan of one? (Please provide detail)
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    agendus is a lot better than datebk there's really no comparison
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    another opinion:

    The datebk author participates regularly on

    Such close interaction with the author is a very big plus.
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    Another for Datebk5...

    I refuse to support agendus out of principle after this piece of deception.

    Below is the jist of what happened.

    Handspring licensed Datebk3 as Datebk+ as a ROM substitute for Palm's basic Datebook program. Interestingly, on 2 May 2002, iambic bought the domain names datebk4, datebk5, and and pointed them to iambic's own site.
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    DateBk gets my vote! I've used it since the DateBk3 days and the app and it's developer are top-notch.

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