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    Palm is now sending me another phone. This 2nd one just lasted 2 months before I had to call palmone and complain to the customer service agent named 'george' who was trying to charge me a $25 exchange fee from his little call center from Asia somewhere. I *****ed until they waived the fee. Im super frustrated now.

    First phone: The Buzz problem
    Second phone: Cant hear as the ear speaker is shot, must use earpiece to talk. Plus random Buzz noises.

    Reaching a call center everytime is also a nuisance.

    Im debating upping to a 650 - will that make a difference? Im doubting the integrity of the palm one company.

    Is the Blackberry 7100g a good alternative?
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    So i guess my question is: Will I be dealing with the same problems on a 650 that I have been dealing with on a 600?
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    I don't people have experienced the same buzz problem on the 650. Of course there are other bugs to deal with..,
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    what other bugs are there on the 650?
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    I went through SEVEN different 600's with SEVEN different problems, before finally talking them into bumping me up to a 650....

    A week after I got the 650 the headphone jack went out.....

    Two weeks after getting my replacement......
    The headphone jack went out.

    On my third and being VERY CAUTIOUS with it in case for some odd reason in the world it's MY fault. I dunno though man, I can't really imagine I can screw up plugging a headphone in.

    Good luck and if I were you I'd allow a few more replacements and then talk someone into a 650, at least you'll get a better display if anything

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    four Treo600s here - and Im on my second Treo650
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    I tried talking them into giving me a 650 and "George" said "Sorry, we dont gib any upgrades on 600s at this time"

    After the 3rd one goes kapoot, i'll get on the offensive and try to get a 650 with them..
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    First 600 here. Bought it unlocked GSM not too long after they came out. I replaced the battery maybe 9 months ago and a month ago went in and performed the buzz-fix (wrap the battery cable in a shield - in my case a Grandma's cookie wrapper). I don't baby my treo, but I don't treat it like a $20 cell phone either.

    I have had visors and treos for years, and never had the range or consistency of problems that some on these boards seem to have. I suspect a lot of the problems stem from the way the devices are treated. It sure would be nice if I felt like I could treat the visors/treos like a walkman,,, but I never have. I have always been pretty aware of the touchsceen fragility (ever since having a screen crack on a linux-based VR-3 long ago.) After paying hundreds of dollars for my toys, I have also never felt comfortable just tossing them about.

    I do not mean to insinuate that anyone in this thread has mistreated their treos. It could very well be that you are on the opposite end of the probablity curve than I am... I've had good luck and you've had bad luck...

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