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    Just got my new 650 and followed others advice and only used it with programs that it came with for 3 days (people said give it a week - but everything seems to be fine now)

    I carefully ran the CD that came in the box to install the latest palm desktop - that went fine. However when I came to do the first sync it showed my user name and all that old data - names & addressed etc on the Palm desktop - now I had read on this board that all data and programs should be installed FRESH and not just by syncing with the old 270 data.

    So I created a new user called Raphael 650 and then synced with that.

    Now I wish to start downloading current versions of programs (first Splash Wallet) and use the auto upload to my 650 on the user name - but I wonder if this will just go to the older user name or not.

    Advice - I may have been doing this wrong from the start.

    Thanks Raphael.
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    thanks Palmlover - useful stuff - I've printed it out

    However I thought others on this forum were cynical about the instructions working properly - general advice is to start ABSOLUTLY from afresh - hence me starting a new user name.

    Or is that not correct?

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