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    Just purchased this and am..... disappointed... for various reasons, perhaps not entirely Jabra's fault....

    1. When the headset arrived the screw at the top was loose. I tried to rescrew it but the thread was damaged. In the end rather than sending it back (I am too lazy) I "superglued" the unit permanently together (after checking it worked first...) - it is now not a pretty unit.. but its far more sturdy than probably an original non-damaged unit!

    2. BT reception is poor, and the phone always has to be within a metre or so of the headset to get excellent reception... through a wall forget it (cuts off) or even a straight line 5m distance and it seems get static...

    No 1 is Jabras problem... I fixed it (no warranty now though but I got it "greymarket" without warranty, although it was a "new" sealed unit)

    No 2 is more worrying... is this a general BT trend? Although bothersome its likely the phone will always be within a meter or so most times I answer using the BT unit (i.e. on my desk at work, or by my bedside, in coffee shop, walking... etc)
    - it even gets "static" when the opposite side of my body (left) that the BT unit is being used on (right ear...)

    Heck... I knew BT was gonna be trouble (gave up hotsyncing with my laptop and BT card some time ago...)

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    Bluetooth technology is being refined at a speed that is at times overwhelming. Enhancements to existing products, new products, new designs,'s difficult to keep up with. I have tried inexpensive headsets and expensive ones.

    My setup is based on a Sprint Treo 600 and a Jabra A210 bluetooth adapter. I have tried Logitech, Plantronic and Motola headsets (basically whatever is at CompUSA and Radio Shack). I have purchased, tried, returned, purchased new, returned and re-purchased headsets.

    I personally believe a lot of it is enviroment. I have a Motorola HS850 that is super sensitive though provides a very strong out-going signal. To tone down the sensitivity, I put a piece of heavy tape over the microphone - the results were pretty good. I recently purchased a second headset, a Motorola HS805 (uses a AAA battery) and was very impressed with its performance. It links the fastest of all the headsets I have tried. It is also fairly sensitive to background noise, so it has tape over the microphone. Sound quality with it is good, range not quite what the HS850 has.

    I experienced left side/right side problems one time and found a setting on the Jabra A210 bluetooth adapter that corrected that. There have been times I had a strong signal around in a walkin refrigerator and other times the signal was not strong. Last night my entire family shared a cell phone call with my oldest son for about two hours and none of us experienced any sound problems - distances from two feet to twenty feet from the Treo. The Jabra A210 bluetooth adapter provices basic bluetooth headset support, simulating basic wired headset operation and with that in mind, I am a satisfied bluetooth user, though always on the lookout for the "better" headset.

    Have you looked at the official bluetooth site:

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    thanks ben... also should day I'm using it with a Treo 650, firmware 01.23 GSM Model.

    When the unit (the Jabra BT250v I believe is the vibrating version of the BT250 sold under the Palm brand) is near the phone it works superbly. It's just the distance thing that annoys me.

    I'm going to research BT further... I do recall my laptop has a BT Class 1(?) PC Card plugged in that has *100m* range... and that does work from room to room....

    Also all BT units look delicate... the Jabra (at least mine) had poor QC... and as I said I superglued the units 2 pieces together (more like "welded") and now it is one solid unit....

    thanks again

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