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    I just purchased a VZN 650. This is my first palm device ever, so please be patient with me.

    First, is there a way to move to a different days in the 'agenda' mode of the calendar?

    Second, is there a replacement for the main screen that provides something similar to what a Pocket PC provides? New emails, appts, tasks, missed calls, etc?

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    1. wait 24 hours
    2. use 2day from
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    1. I'm with Dutch; I see no way to do it.
    2. Just curious, what do you consider to be the "main screen"? Sounds like the agenda view of the calendar is what you want. Just press the calendar button to wake it up, after setting the agenda view as the default for the calendar (but it doesn't show missed calls). Unfortunately 2day costs money. I would recommend getting to know the built-in apps better before buying a lot of new apps. But that's just me. The built in apps do everything I really need, and then I have some extra stuff installed on my SD card. I still have 21 MB of memory free.

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