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    I just bought a Treo 650 from VZN. This is my first palm device ever, so I am just getting used to it. I managed to get bluetooth syncing set up with iCal and AB (I use .mac to sync two computers, so I think this is my only option here, as opposed to Entourage). The sync takes FOREVER, even for the second or third sync. It doesn't seem to take that long on datebook or addresses, but really lags on things like SheetToGo, MMU..., psysLaunchDB, and other assorted things that baffle me at the moment. The hotsync manager on the Mac says it is backing up all of these items. Is this really necessary? Is there a way to make it back up only once a week? Would this be advisable?

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    BT is slow fyi. And it takes even longer if you have a bunch of conduits.
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    Bluetooth, although 2.4 GHz, operates at serial speeds on Palm devices.

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