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    I am new to the trio 650 and this site. I have responed to a few threads already, not sure view feedback. Also I had a question if someone would help me with what is the best program to use for ringtones. I had thought of the RINGO but the free trial as someone else here has mentiond is not that good. I am anxious to get ringtones up and running as I like the ONE i was able to try. One proble I had is I can not figure out how to clip the songs so I can get a certain part of it. Example for my x husband I wanted to have the Puddle of Mud song "She hates me" but I dont want to hear the intro I want to get right to the " she !!!!!! hates me" part when he is calling me. ugly I know but I have my reasons. so does anyone know how and what ringtone program to use? Thank you so much
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    Well to do all that you are going to need a program to edit a portion of a song or cut it out whatever, and I use Audacity on my pc. Then you are going to need a program to convert that clipping back to a mp3 and I use mpeg suite for that task.
    But if I were you I would go to and do a search for 'making ringtones'
    btw..I use ringo and like it.
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    Thank you so much for responding .. I think I willtry Ringo and all the other sounds like alot to do just to get a few ring satisfaction for hearing my x call I dont think he is worth all the trouble but I will keep that in mind for later. sounds like it could be fun.
    have a great day and thank you
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    Another very popular option is Lightwav from
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    I use MP3 Ringer and MP3 Cutter. Cutter is dowloadable. The trial version only allows 1 song at a time but that's all I ever needed.

    Google MP3 Cutter to find it.
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    OHHHHHHHHHHHh i feel so stupid I totally forgot about my recorder. Thank you so much for pointing that out.
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    Treoguard has a ringtone function.
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