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    Hi everyone i'm a pocketPC game developer, i'm going to port my game (Argentum) to Palm so i need someone to help me.

    Apologies for my bad english in advance, it's not my native language.

    All i need (i think), is to know how to draw pixels on screen in 320x320. (If you know precisely what to do to make this dont even bother reading my code and please post yours )

    I've been doing quite some research these past few days and this is what i do to draw:

    //I get a video buffer pointer:

    WinHandle winh;
    BitmapType *winb;
    UInt16 *buffer;
    UInt16 display_width, display_height, display_pitch;
    UInt8 bitdepth;

    winh = WinGetDisplayWindow();
    winb = WinGetBitmap ( winh );
    buffer = BmpGetBits ( winb );

    //I paint pixels on screen with this
    void drawPixel(int x, int y)
    *( buffer + ( y * display_pitch ) + x ) = color;


    If i try paint the entire window with:

    for(x=0; x< 320; x++)
    for(y=0; y < 320; y++)
    drawPixel(x, y);

    I only get this:

    It doesn't paint the entire screen. just a part of it.

    That's not the only problem. this seems to be terribly slow.

    The treo 650 simulator (and my treo 650) are running at 16 bit color and 320x320.

    Any help please?. Come on, Argentum is an award winning pocketPC game, you know you want it on Palm

    argentum review
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