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    I can get by without it (set mute in hardware settings...I never want the sound on anyway), but it is still annoying. The button now does exactly nothing. It sometimes even rattles a little from side to side. Anyone else have this problem? I have the Verizon iteration of this phone. I did take out the monthly insurance on the thing, so I will exchange it eventually for another.

    Otherwise, this is the best gadget I have ever owned!!!

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    Your phone is probaly still under the one year warranty. Just go to the sprint or wherever store and they will give you another one for free!
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    I bought it three weeks ago from Verizon. So I take it in to exchange it and I am told they have none in stock to give me and they don't know when or if they will be getting any more in. Same goes for the other VZW store in the area. Tomorrow I call 611 and find out the deal here.
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    Ever since I install "profile", I haven't touched the mute button since. It's the greatest software for Treo.
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    Uh...I did a search for it. What is this "profile" software? Is it an addon, or are you referring to the Prefs app? I wouldn't bother, but since I just bought this thing, I want to make sure it works properly. I will call around tomorrow to find somewhere I can go to replace it. Backupbuddy VFS has been wonderful...I am counting on it to make the transition to the new machine painless.

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