Hi all,

I'm having some issues performing a wireless (i.e. modem sync) using my T-Mobile VPN service and MissingSync 4 on my Mac. The sync performs flawlessly. The necessary holes are punched in my firewall, the two talk, and all is fine.

That is, until HotSync starts trying to backup MMIDCache*.pdb (the * represents 0-3). The sync takes eons, and finally both ends give up. MissingSync crashes, and HotSync errors out and fails.

I know that those MMID files are for VersaMail, and I know I have too much e-mail on my device (1,700 messages between 4 accounts) -- but being a work device I need to monitor those accounts constantly.

I tried turning off the VersaMail items listed in Conduit Prefs inside HotSync on my 650. I tried turning off everything extraneous. (The sync only does Contacts, Calendar, Memos, etc.) But it still tries to back up those files.

The ONLY way I have found to disable this so far is turning off the Backup conduit inside MissingSync. However, it is a global setting, and when I park my Treo in its cradle and Cradle Care automatically initiates a sync, my device doesn't get backed up. I know this isn't a huge deal, but at least having the e-mail backed up would be nice to prevent the hours of re-downloading it whenever I have to hard reset my device.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? And does anybody have a solution? I only want the Backup to occur on USB or Bluetooth syncs... never over the air.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and I thought about switching to SnapperMail, but since my work won't reimburse me for it (even though this device is solely used for work purposes), I decided not to buy it.