I have seen the Seidio products in a number of posts and review but was wondering if there are any better options for me. I have a SE-662 BT headset for voice calls in the car and need some sort of holder for the 650 that will facilitate easier GPS navigation. I have a GlobalSat 338 that is working quite well (with thanks to these forums) but the voice direction volume concerns me if I were to get some sort of vent/suction/cup-holder mount. I am afraid of blocking the rear speakerphone of the 650 unless there is some sort of powered speaker in use -- am I being to paranoid about this?

The Seidio devices seem rather bulky, which is not a deal-breaker if they work perfectly, but I am not left with total comfort after reading other threads. I have seen a simple Belkin cup-holder that would give me a location to put the 650 in my middle cup-holder but I am sure speaker volume would suufer.

What do other TomTom/Mapopolis users use in their cars? Any feedback and advice would be most appreciated.