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    Hey all,
    I dont say much here but i recently took advantage of Dell's $750 off Insipiron coupon and have a 9300 with the Pentium M 2 GHz on it's way. I also opted for the Bluetooth add on and i was wondering what you all use the laptop + convergence phone combo for? I have Pdanet so im already planning on using BT DUN.... thought I'd see if i could learn some tricks as i anxiously await my Dell.... DUDE!
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    The bluetooth is best used to sync your Treo when you don't have your cable/cradle. If you have a lot to sync, like Avantgo or many documents, it is quicker to use a cable. But the bluetooth works good for a sync.

    Other than the Treo, you should get a Logitech bluetooth mouse. Works great.
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    Definately take advantage of having the bluetooth built in the laptop. Like you, I also just picked up that laptop with the $750 coupon. I purchase a bluetooth printer, mouse, and also am now syncing my Treo with it.

    Enjoy it!
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    On of my bluetooth disappointments ... BT DUN is slower than the usb cable. So unless I'm in the airport and don't want the cable out I don't use rhe bluetooth on my Dell laptop for much. And as mentioned above, the BT sync is sloooooowwwwww.
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    I have an XPS Gen 2 with BT, and I love it. Picked up the Dinovo keyboard/mouse combo. Now I have a # pad and good (not great) mouse with no dongle! (haven't even powered up the keyboard yet) Sync-ing is slow, but I can start it, and then put my T650 back in it's holster, I just have to stay in the same room....
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    Well, you made your first mistake by getting a Dell.

    But you made a good choice getting a 650.
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    I agree that bluetooth sync is incredibly slow. But Palm syncs are slow in general. I have an iPaq that I sync up as well and even through bluetooth it's about an order of magnitude faster than the Palm even through a USB cable. Why are Palms so slow?

    As for the Dell laptop purchase. Good choice. I used to hate Dells as well. Then I got both a desktop and a laptop. Incredible machines especially at the price. They were both easily half the price of equivalent non Dell machines. Open then up and what do you get, quality components like actual Intel motherboards and nvidia graphics cards. Can't go wrong.
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    lol, yeah I second the notion that Dell was a mistake, but to each his own...

    Anyway, I have bluetooth DUN working very well with PDA net. I notice no difference in stability or speed as opposed to using the cable mode. Bluetooth mode is actually alot easier if i'm in a building that doesn't get good reception and I have to move the phone closer to the window.

    I also have a logitech MX900 Bluetooth mouse that works really well, although it eats through the batter quick and there's no feature to turn it off.

    Finally, I also use a bluetooth GPS which also works really well. All in all, my bluetooth devices play well together. I haven't figured out how to make my handsfreee earpiece useful yet with the laptop (as a mic?).

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    I love my dell laptop. I have run it for a year with zero problems. I enjoyed my gateway before, but not as much as the dell. What was the question?
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    I am a professional software developer and we not only use Dell computers, but recommend them to all our customers (municipalities). As far as laptops, I would probably rate IBM a bit higher in quality/durability, but Dell's price is hard to beat.

    As far as bluetooth: I've been thinking of buying an adapter, but haven't taken the plunge yet.
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    Sounds great guys!
    I guess my ultimate in nerdiness is looking up someplace online on the HUGE 17 inch, punching it in on the BT GPS. Wonder how many BT devices the notebook could handle? thanks for all the help!

    "Well, you made your first mistake by getting a Dell.

    But you made a good choice getting a 650."
    umm... thanks for nothing i guess, i did do some research, from what i hear dell's main problem USED to be the keyboards on the laptops, and some people dont like the shimmer of the WUXGA screen. Did do some homework but thanks for the vote of confidence
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    Don't know why people would frown on a Dell. They are great computers, I agree the durability might not be that of some computers but the price more than makes up for it.

    I dream of a XPS Gen 2 which one of the if not thee fastest gaming laptop manufactured.
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    LOL Dell... how can I say... if it works it works great, if not, just hope you'll get a working on lol.

    Mine Inspiron 8200 was modified into a Latidute 840C and it's running with a C/Dock II and good thing is, I can take advantage of two PCI slots and builtin SCSI, of course bunch of ports too lol.

    Gotta admit, Inspiron 8x00 and C8x0 series are one of the most expendable laptop out there.

    To answer your question... Since 650 only has BT version 1.1, you can make it to work DUN, sync and some other simple applications.

    BTW how many Inspiron 8x00 or C8x0 users here?
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    I have no probs using a Dell Inspiron 9200 with my 650 unlocked GSM.

    Only issue is that the built in Bluetooth adapter does not support Reverse DUN - or at least I can't get it to support it. In fact - I have given it up :|
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    The thing about computers is, there is no use in paying a lot extra to get a computer that will last 10 years. After about 3 years they become obsolete anyhow (give or take).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonylmiller
    The thing about computers is, there is no use in paying a lot extra to get a computer that will last 10 years. After about 3 years they become obsolete anyhow (give or take).
    Not sure anyone else will call you on this, but thanks for the blatant statement of the obvious.

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