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    I recently replaced my Motorola HS820 with the Motorola HS850. As a note, the HS820 supports auto-link; the HS850 does not support auto-link.

    The comfort is ok, the sensitivity is good, background noise not significant. Upon placing the call, the audio is sent to the headset when it starts ringing. Initially I could not answer or terminate calls using the MFB button. However, out of the clear blue sky (it's just that way here in Paradise, 2,500 miles west of somewhere in the middle of nowhere), the MFB button on the Motorola HS850 has decided to let me answer and terminate calls. Wow.

    I found the Motorola HS850 to be rather sensitive - to say the least. I noted the microphone hole on the boom faces forward and discovered covering it reduced the background noise, but not the ability for me to be heard. So at the end of the day, I covered the microphone hole with a piece of tape and then with some light-duty glue, placed some microphone noise-canceling material over the tip. The results were good. Background noise greatly reduced and I could still be heard very well. I made a test with PAR and was satisified with the result.

    The Motorola HS850 is not as tight as the HS820 due to the length of the boom, but it did not come loose through an active day. As a note, the ear hook on the HS850 and HS805 and proably with the HS820 (no longer have it) are the same.

    Connection time with this unit compares with the HS820. I will be purchasing the Motorola HS805 (AAA battery model) as a backup today and probably end up modifying it as described above. (The HS805 has been purchased and it connects equally well, though pairing for the first time required two tries.

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    I just purchased the Mot HS850 and a Jabra 210 for my 600... I cannot get them to pair - any advice?
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    For this combination - make sure both are off. Then turn the Jabra A210 on and after it starts blinking blue, place the stylus in the paring hole, press down until the flashing light turns a solid blue (that places it in paring more).

    For the HS850, with it off (the boom in the closed position), press the MFB button and hold it down until it turns solid blue (should be immediate). When it turns solid blue, it is in paring mode and then immediately open the boom - that makes them start talking. A few moments later, they should pair.

    I have a HS805 that I carry for use later in the day when after 10 to 12 hours the HS850s battery has died. This morning when I paired the HS850, it paired in ten seconds - fastest yet. The only time I have had to pair the HS850 is after using another headset.

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    Thanks! That works perfectly! - only took 6 seconds

    I appreciate the help!

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