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    Searching I saw a few threads, but they all seemed to be dead ends, or advertisements for Snapper/Chatter. I'm a casual Treo emailer, I'm almost always around computers, but it's nice when I'm at home to grab email via my BT connection if I'm in the back yard, etc.

    So I set it to pull email hourly on Sat/Sun all day just to see how it does, and it worked fine, but stayed connected even though I had it set to auto disconnect. After not using the phone ALL day and not even using the Treo that much (perhaps 25 minutes tops) my battery is down to 60% from the active BlueTooth all day long. Normally with this usage it'd be 98% still.

    Anyone know if there's a workaround for this besides buying a $25 email program?
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    I do not think that Versamail controls your BT Radio status, it merely controls your GPRS connection. If you have your BT radio set to ON, it remains ON until you manually turn the BT radio OFF. Perhaps your best solution would be to use a utility pgm that controls the radio status?
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    No, not the radio, that can stay on, it doesn't affect anything when it's on, but the network isn't up.

    The problem is VersaMail isn't disconnecting the network when it's done like it's supposed to do. The network being GPRS, CSD, or BlueTooth are all the same in that respect.

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