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    Hello, we just packaged our game Age of Fantasy into a prc format, but not sure if it will run on either Treo 600 or Treo 650. Age of Fantasy is a mobile MMORPG written in J2ME. If anyone is interested they can download it from and test it.
    It needs a data connection like MEdia Net to connect to the game server. It also needs Webphere Java Runtime which you can download from
    For testing you can use Username A and Password A. If anyone needs a free game account for testing please email me at We would appreciate if if you let us know the result by posting here or emailing us at
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    You should post this in one of the software forums. . .


    Oh, I see you posted an identical message in the software forum (and another one in the T600 forum). Then this one should be deleted. Or both should be deleted, you naughty boy.
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