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    I just purchased the Motorola HS805 bluetooth headset, it's the one that uses a AAA battery. Not too bad.

    The HS805 paired on the second attempt and continued to do so after that. Pairing took about 30 seconds.

    Transfer/connection time is fast. When experimenting with voice mail, it transferred before the voice mail prompt began. Answer time was after the first ring.

    Comfort - fits on the ear ok, does not flop around. I am keeping the Motorola HS850 and will be using the HS805 as a backup, for those times when the rechargale battery dies on the HS850, which it did one day after 14 hours of fairly heavy use.

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    hows the voice quality and volume? please share.. i've been thinking about getting this too
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    The voice quality and volume - from my side it was the same as the HS850 - very clear and loud enough - I had to turn it down, which took a couple of presses for me to get to a comfortable level. I do suggest putting tape on the end - the microphone is on the underside of the unit and almost at the end. Tape does a good job of killing the "wind" noise. On the HS850 I put a mic sock on it to add a bit more muffle reduction.

    Had the experience not been as good so far with the HS805, I would have purchased a spare HS820. It does lack the ability to answer and terminate calls with the MFB. I initially thought I really needed the feature (HS820 has it), but so far with the HS850, I have not really missed it.

    Having had the "dying notification" twice now with the Motorola HS850, I do not look forward a headset ready to go. In addition, these things are so light that after a while I forget it is even on the ear. It is just amazing how I now have no desire to hold the phone up to talk or to use a wired headset. What they all need though is "gain control."


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