All the numbers that were stored on my SIM are locked on there.. I can't seem to get them off. Most annoying of all are the stupid cingular check my minutes.. check my bill... pay my bill ones.

I have lots of old numbers I dont' need anymore and now are just really cluttering up the phone.

When I synced it the other day I also noticed no numbers saved to the sim card transfered over only the one or two numbers I manually put back in.

Any idea how to get them off.. I noticed I could copy the list to it so I"m wondering if there is an easier way then putting this card in my old phone and deleting them there and putting it back in the TREO.. also something very strange the cingular numbers were not present on my old phone.. but show up on the Treo (old phone was a Nokia I forget what model.. better small GSM one though) So I would not even be able to get them off via that method.

Everyone here has been great the last few days in answering my questions so thanks in advance for any help