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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    There aren't any of them Coloreds over there, are there?

    You are a very sick man.
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    Finally someone posts a real picture of one with it! Thank You!
    I had the same Carbon Fiber overlay sticker on my Sony Clie NR-10 PDA when I had it couple years ago, and thought it was really cool.

    Wanted to buy one for my Treo 650, but haven't seen a real picture of one with it on, and well you did it, and thank you, I'll be ordering one too.

    BTW, I just bought an eBay VAJA KNOCK OFF Slip case.. It's AWESOME!!! $34.95 half the price of a real Vaja.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nXt
    Finally someone posts a real picture of one with it! Thank You!
    you're most welcomed.

    I cant stand it when people post a picture thats like one inch by one inch. you know, the kind of pictures that are so freakin' small that you need to have your nose all the way against your monitor's screen just so you can see the damn thing.

    why even bother with posting that kind of picture at all?
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    That overlay looks similar to a skinit. I tried one of the skinits to keep the chrome protected from light scratches. I took it off after I noticed the adhesive was rubbing off due to the vinyl sliding a bit when I push the phone down into my Nutshell case. I was worried the adhesive would get down in between the buttons and gum things up.

    Are those any different than the skinits?
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    ^ I just recently decided to remove the back part of my skin just because I didnt like the way it looked on the rear. I still left the front part on.

    the skin came off fairly easy w/o leaving any residue whats so ever.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    Yeah get a life! Once we Rice our Treos, we can drive our slammed Ricers down to the hood, maybe eat some chicken and ribs with the brothas, yo?
    your treat of course
    you can pick me up bout 9:00pm after my nap you know all that malt liquor be havin a brotha tierd
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