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    I'm new to the Treo community, and I just picked up my 650 this week. I'm just now getting educated on the many versatile apps out there for this wonderful tool. I've heard the rumors of the palmOne wi - fi card being able to be used with the 650. Is there truth to this rumor? If not the palmone Wi-Fi, then does anyone know of other compatiablities? Also if anyone could recommend any good basic app downloads to fix known basic problems before they start bothering me? Thanks.
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    Welcome aboard.

    You'll get much better responses if you search before posting your questions. There are several indepth threads about Wifi on the 650 that will answer your questions. You will have to do some reading but in the end you'll be well informed about the topic.
    GSM Treo 600 > Unlocked GSM Treo 650 on T-Mobile - Attempting to use a BB Curve

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    ^^ least answer the question

    A good guy named Shadowmite has hacked the Treo 650 and enabled WiFi. If you go to you will find like a patch or a custom ROM or something that has WiFi enabled in it. This, as far as I know, only works with the palmOne WiFi SD Card. So yes, there is truth to that rumor. As for the basic problems, I can't say I've had any, but my advice would be to do a hard reset immediately and then allow the battery to completely discharge, then use it. The hard reset is just a little habit I've gotten into, you don't really have to do it, but it's better than realizing there is a problem out of the box and having to reinstall all your applications. And the discharge thing allows the battery indicator to sync with the actual battery. If you don't do this, sometimes you will find your battery dying when it appears to have 25% left, or it may show low battery indications even though its completely charged, you see a lot of that stuff with the 3rd Gen iPods.

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