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    in the last month Im geting allot of complains that my voice is breaking up and sound chopie when i'm using my SE660, I also notice a previous thread about it but no one took it furthre, i'm using T650 with sprint.
    what happen to our headsets?, why the sound is chopie?
    T-Mobile -Treo 600/ Sprint - Treo 650
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    so no one is having that problem?
    T-Mobile -Treo 600/ Sprint - Treo 650
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    Your message implies that the SE660 was working well until the last month. Is that correct?. There are several other threads listed here dealing with the shortcomings / limitations of bluetooth technology. You could be experiencing wifi interference depending on where and how you are using the SE660. Palmone has a bluetooth guide on their site to help explain these issues.

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