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    Hello Fellow 650 users,

    I have ordered an upgrade for Office 2000 this week, and hope to install Office 2003 later this week. I did this for one reason, to improve the functionality of Outlook, namely the Tasks section. I currently sync my 650 to my laptop and my desktop. I will first upgrade the laptop, and then I hope to convert roughly 300 events in the calendar section to tasks, on the laptop. I will first create 5 folders in tasks, and move the calendar events to thier own appropriate folder (one for each region in my territory), and then assign each task a priority.

    My questions are:

    1. Should I sync before or after making these conversions (calendar to task).
    2. Should I upgrade to Office 2003 on the laptop and PC before making any conversions from calendar to tasks?
    3. Will I be able to see these 5 new folders and the items in them, as well as thier priority levels, on the 650?
    4. And the most important question, if I make all these changes on the laptop, and sync it to the Treo, will all the changes done to each task on the laptop show up on the new version of Outlook on the PC when I go to sync the treo to the PC for the first time?

    Your help and any thoughts would be appreciated.


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    I would do the upgrade on the Desktop and Laptop first. May as well segregate the issues (problems) that can occur with a Hotsync.

    I use Outlook 2003 with my Treo 650, but do not use the 'default' Datebook, etc. I use DateBk5 and Highly recommend it.

    Note that if you plan to use Categories in Outlook (or DateBk) and plan to have them accurrately reflected via HotSync, you'll need some 3rd party conduits. In don't believe the PalmOne conduits handle these.

    I'm using PocketMirrorXT. The XT version is required for the 650.

    Hope that helps.
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    Outlook 2003 is great. One of the best things in the Junk mail feature.

    I would make sure you have done a current sync. I would install Outlook 2003 over the old Outlook, then create your new folders. I would then install Pocketmirror XT or KeySuite. I would then sync your Treo with the default settings of Pocketmirror or Keysuite. Then go into Poc. or Key. and set up the sync of your subfolders. This is just based on my experiences with both Outlook 2003 and Keysuite.
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    make all your changes before you sync. try beyond contacts too
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    I'm also using the 650 and my work just upgraded to Outlook 2003. Now none of my calendar or contact info syncs! I don't use categories and all info had been syncing fine with 2000.

    From the PalmOne support site:
    "Some palmOne devices come with special palmOne Outlook Conduits that allow synchronization with Microsoft Outlook. However, the Outlook conduits included with your handheld may not support synchronization with Outlook 2003."
    Then they only have updated Outlook Conduits to support Outlook 2003 synchronization for the Tungstens.

    Do I really need to buy a 3rd party app? (I need to continue using Outlook)

    FYI, the log:

    OK Quick Install
    OK VersaMail
    OK Media
    OK Calendar
    OK Contacts
    OK Tasks
    OK Memos
    OK Backup

    HotSync operation completed on 06/13/05 19:26:13
    HotSync manager v: 6.0.1
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    Thanks to all of you for your advise.

    On Monday of this week I purchased Office 2003 small business addition. I upgraded my PC, and without making any changes to outlook, attempted a sync and all went well.

    I made one change to a calendar function and sync'd and got 20+ OLERR messages. I contacted Palmone and got great customer service, they told me I needed to update the sync conduits by going to this page:

    I downloaded the upgrade, and voila, the sync worked fine.

    I then proceeded to modify the tasks area of Outlook by adding my new sub folders, and began converting schedule events to tasks, which was very simple, placing them into thier appropriate new folder, and assigning them a priority.

    Unfortunately, the next time I sync'd I could not see the new folders on the T650. I phoned Palmone again, and once again received great customer service, when they suggested I need to upgrade to the chapura xp conduit, or better yet, spend an extra 10 bucks to get keysuites. They suggested I go to the website, where I could download a free trial copy. I did, and once again, voila, there were my new folders.

    Next I upgraded the laptop, and sync'd the T650 to this new machine. A few steps needed to be taken to make sure I had the same folders on each computer, and during the process I ended up duplicating a bunch of the contacts and calendar functions, but after a bit of patience, both computers are sync'ing to the T650 without difficulty.

    I then spend the next day and a half converting all 300+ calendar events to tasks, today, I paid for keysuites, and got a few pointers from Microsoft on how to do a few things with the new Outlook, and a new pointer from KeySuites on how to change the look of tasks, and I am up and running, saving myself a couple of hours a week from now on.

    Just thought a positive review and a thank you would be appropriate to share, as I have learned so much from so many others here in the past.

    Now if only my bluetooth headset were a little more perfect, my T650 would be perfect.

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    I got the Olerr error when on a new laptop. I had office 2003, but since it was a trial version, never used it and installed office xp that I already had. I had both on their for a while and the palm synched with no issued. I then realized how much space was being taken up by office 2003 and decided to uninstall it. That is where everything when haywire. PalmOne had me change my registry and caused a permanent error on my laptop. I have just recently rebooted to factory default settings on my laptop which not only the olerr, but also the error in the registry. I was using Chapura Pocket XT to synch until I reformatted my hard drive. It seems that switching certainly causes the olerr error, as well. However, I am gald to hear that the conduit update fixes the problem. When I am ready to upgrade I will.

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