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    I just installed Weight Watchers On the Go software on my Treo 650. I think it might have damaged a sound file on my 650. The normal sound clip that plays on the Treo when HotSync begins and ends sounds corrupted. It makes high pitched single note sounds not the normal chord type sound. Other sounds are normal. Pocket Tunes works fine, etc. Is there a way to fix this other than a Hard Reset? Can I somehow restore the sound file?

    Also the Weight Watchers software installs OneBridge Extended Systems Sync. I now get an error when hotsyncing that says "Failed to open HotSync log file for reading. (2)" I can click OK and everything seems fine. Anyone have advice on how to correct this error?

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    I just loaded the same application from Weight Watcher and have the same problem. Nothing found on WW or Onebridge site. Any help appreciated.
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    I have the same problem with a new Treo 650. Everything syncs fine until I install the Weight Watcher stuff.

    I even completely uninstalled the Weight Watcher On The Go from the PC and Palm and started from scratch and still had the same problem.

    The Laptop is running Windows XP and the user is the Administrator and it all priviledges are open.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    I just came over here to look for help for this very problem!
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    The site does say that it does not run on Palom OS 5.4.8 tho you may be able to get it to work on a Treo

    "Handhelds currently not supported include the newest devices running Palm OS 5.4.8 or higher (e.g., Palm Z22) and older devices that run Palm OS 3.1 or lower. NOTE: Many of the newer Palm devices (e.g., LifeDrive™, TX and Treo™ series) can be used successfully with On-the-Go via their wireless capabilities including WiFi. Please contact our Customer Service department if you have any questions or require technical assistance."

    From home application screen on your Treo Hit Menu / Info and then highlight VERSION. The OS version will be at top of screen.

    I can tell you what does work very well on the Treo is this:

    Just don't try launching it from the SD Card.
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    I believe that I've found a solution to both of these problems.

    I've tried this on the Sprint network, but I can not speak for other providers or software versions. I have software version Treo650-1.12-SPCS, YMMV with other versions or networks.

    All the standard disclaimers apply (i.e. it worked on my phone, your mileage may vary, etc.) and I would highly recommend that you've backed-up any/all data that you care about. The steps I followed are not destructive, but I don't want to be responsible for someone losing data -- I'll repeat: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL YOUR DATA BACKED UP BEFORE CONTINUING THIS PROCESS!!!! This may mean writing down any of your WW points totals & such, because I don't have a good understanding of whether or not the Web overwrites the Palm, or vice-versa.

    Here are the steps I followed to remove those annoyances:

    ASSUMPTION #1: You've got the Weight Watchers program installed on both your PC and your Treo 650.

    1) First, you want to make sure that you have setup the Weight Watchers program to sync via the modem -- it must be configured to sync over your phone's internet connection, and not through the Hotsync operation! To do this, do the following:
    1. Open the Weight Watchers program
    2. Hit the MENU button
    3. Select OPTIONS-->Sync Options
    4. Tap the ADVANCED button, and press 'Yes' to confirm that you want to make changes here.
    5. On the drop-down selection below the 'Connect to' line, choose via my handheld's modem
    6. Tap the SAVE button to confirm the changes.

    2) Now you want to confirm that syncing works ok -- you'll want to do that from within the WW program and NOT THROUGH THE HOTSYNC OPERATION. To do that, follow these steps:
    1. Hit the MENU button
    2. Select OPTIONS-->Sync Now! -- If it prompts you to connect to the internet or turn on your phone, press YES to confirm the connections.
    3. Verify that the sync happend ok and that all your data is still on the Treo and on the Website.

    3) Remove the OBLaunch application from your treo applications -- follow these steps:
    1. Hit the HOME button
    2. Hit your MENU button
    3. From the App menu, choose Delete...
    4. Scroll down to the OBLaunch application and hit the Delete... button.

    4) Remove the Weight Watchers applications from your PC. To do that, follow these steps:
    1. From the Control Panel, choose "Add/Remove Applications"
    2. From the list, choose "Weight Watchers"
    3. When prompted, choose "Remove" instead of "Reinstall"

    5) Once the uninstall is complete, test your Hotsync to ensure that (a) the real HotSync sound is played ok and (b) that the log error message is not displayed after the HotSync is complete.

    6) Finally, go back into Weight Watchers and follow the steps above to 'Sync Now!' to ensure that it still works ok.

    7) Done!

    The only thing is that now you'll be required to sync the data from within the Weight Watchers program itself, rather than having it happen during a HotSync. That's good enough for me!

    Anyway, I went through a number of install/uninstall cycles and didn't lose any data. If all else fails, follow the directions here to uninstall/reinstall your software if you think something got messed up.

    I hope this helps someone else out there!

    - CrashNBurns
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    THANK YOU, CrashNBurns!!! I was having both problems, too, and your soultion worked like a charm! How'd you ever figure that one out??
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    Thanks for that writeup, CrashNBurns. The WW site makes mention that their app (at least the synching part) doesn't work on Mac. But your write up inspired me to give it a go. I ran the EXE installer on a Windows box, and then transferred the PRC files over to my Mac. Then I hotsync'ed them into my Treo. Using your same strategy (syncing to the WW server via the Treo's modem instead of the desktop hotsync architecture) I'm able to enjoy this app.

    Without your post, I wouldn't have bothered to sign up and would likely have never even learned that was an option for smartphones.

    So thanks for the nudge!
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    Since we're synching over the air, any idea if we can also delete the OneBridge (OBC.prc) file? That thing takes up more than a megabyte. Not sure if that's part of the "main" Weight Watchers app, or if it's part of the desktop synching architecture...
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    Try wwcalc-for-palm It has no desktop component, but is a great tracker program and it's free!
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