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    I think you'll need to install Palm Desktop in order to get Hotsync.
    When you do that, you will be able to use the MS Office conduits.

    They are in Library/Application Support/Palm Hotsync/Counduits (at least on my machine)

    I highly recommend Missing Sync. It just seems to work better and has a few nice features including using your Macs inernet connection on your Palm. I've been using it for about 6 months now and am very pleased.
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    Actually, you don't have to install Palm Desktop. You just have to initialize the Handheld sync option in MS Entourage. Missing Sync will pick up the option and use the appropriate conduits. It is pretty painless. The Missing Sync manual explains this pretty well.
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    I meant if you don't use Missing Sync. Then you have to install Palm Desktop to get everything.
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    Re MissingSynch, I have just completed the u/grade to firmware 1.28 (phone 1.13) on my Orange GSM 650 but I had to ditch MissingSynch to get it to work. Am unable to explain what went wrong - the synch wouldn't complete. I was using PalmOne's 'alternative method' but when I set up a temp user to install the update after a hard reset, it didn't complete. The problem persists after the update (and after having uninstalled and reinstalled both apps), so I'm running on Palm Desktop Hotsyncs until MarkSpace can sort something out.
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    Having got that off my chest....welcome Argelius - you have made a wise choice.

    I run everything off my 15" TiBook. It is rock solid and takes everything I throw at it with grace. Never had virus issues either. Let's hope my new Treo 650 (with 1.28) behaves likewise! (have just made the switch from a (lol) Visorphone which has also been incredibly reliable). I'm from the UK and have waited an age for BT to become available, as IMHO it is essential for using the Treo in the car. If only Voice Dialling would work properly, off the carkit's button!
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    Well, I am up and running with Syncing my T650 with Entourage using the built-in conduit/Active Sync.

    It seems to be working okay. However, I've noticed that the Contacts in my Treo with home and work addresses only end up with one address in Entourage.

    Is this behavior "working as designed"? Is this why everyone touts the glories of MissingSync? Or is there something else I need to do...

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    There was a discussion about work adresses being incorrectly handled by iSunc/ Apple Address Book on Apple Discussions a couple of weeks go - but I am sure someone posting to the effect that Entourage wasnt affected. Are your using Apple Address Book?
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