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    I've had my Treo 600 for about a week and it's a great little tool replacing my Palm 515 and cell phone. The one glaring omission seems to be the lack of an alarm clock. I have periods where I am traveling quite a bit and I've come to rely on my phone alarm clock as it always sync's to local time, doesn't need extra batteries and is one less additional item to be packed.

    I've been lurking and searching in here for a little while and it seems that a lot of folks use Butler which includes alarms. Butler seems a little over kill as I don't really need to change the colour of the LED light on the phone, I just need an alarm. I've also tried Big Clock but it crashes my phone when I try and access a menu.

    Can anyone suggest a really good alarm clock for my 600?
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    Even though Butler does a whole lot more, it's inexpensive and many of the other features are quite useful.
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    How about Treoalarm?
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    I am a fan of Bob's Alarms...
    Try the demo at

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