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    How do you change viewing and searchable format on the treo?? I sync my treo 650 to Outlook 2003 via Chapura. When I search for a specific entry by company name, I cannot find the entry unless I know the individual's name. This apparently is because, on the treo, contact information is essentially arranged by individuals names (unless the information is a company name without the individual name in the contact info fields). I really want to be able to search any piece of information about an entry (specific contact)? Blackberry devices allowed this. If one cannot, is there another Treo 650 program one can recommend that I can install on my treo to enable such searching? Thanks much.
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    TakePhone is a good choice if you want to use the stock contact software. Personally I switched to Agendus Pro and use TakePhone - both provide muct better search functions.

    However, if all you're looking to do is search by company name, you can change the preferences in the contact program to search bor Company Name 1st, Last Name 2nd.

    TakePhone and Agendus allow you to search by inputting the first several letters and it will look for all combinations regardless of which field it's in so you can look up by company, first name or last name. You can even search by phone number in TakePhone.
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    Thanks much for the response. I will check these programs out. I was told (as of a few minutes ago) that Beyond Contacts is also a good program to use. I just need a program that can manipulate contact data more freely and that integrates well with other programs. I use snappermail for my email which works extremely well and don't want any program to interfere with that.
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    If I remember correctly, Beyond Contacts does not use the stock database but rather creates it's own. You may want to factor that into you decision. I can tell you from personal experience Snapper works with with both Agendus and TakePhone.
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    Thanks again. Is it bad that beyond contacts creates it own database? Which agendus version do you suggest? Standard? Pro? Where can I check out Takephone? Are you familiar with Keysuite?
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    Only challenge I can see with a different database would be potential difficulty integrating it with other programs - though I have no experience with BC so a current user may be of more help here.

    I have Agendus Pro - can't remember why I went that route though I do know it was a conscious decision at the time based on what I wanted to accomplish.

    You can find TakePhone at, check out 2day as well as it's another excellent program.

    Sorry, I'm not familiar with Key Suite.
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    By changing the "preference" to list Company 1st last name 2nd , does that allow you to search that way also? I don't believe so. I think the "contact" search function will still search "1st and last names" but will list only by company and last name. That the way Palm Os seems to have always done it. I hope I'm wrong!

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