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    Prob not the most important question out there, but I was just curious which ear you all wear your earpiece on. I keep my treo in my left pocket, and my earpiece in the opposite ear. I heard they should be on both, but it's weird for me to wear my earpiece on the left.
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    The BT headset I "now" have is a Motorola HS85 and so far I like it the most. I wear it on the right ear from about 6A to 8P. After 8P it starts to get hungry. Never on the left.
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    Left Ear, right pocket
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    Left and Left
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    Right & right
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    r & r
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    The instructions in the treo wireless headset specifically say you should wear them on the same side. I found that it *does* make a difference. If the TWH is on one side, and phone in holster on other side, I get some static.
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    right and right. BTW, I'm left handed, I wonder if that makes a difference here?

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