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    I just received my treo 650 in the mail after switching from the mpx220. I have read a lot of posts on how to get dvd movies on the treo. My question is, is it better to install tpcpm on the internal memory and use the sd card to hold just the movie, or is it better and or possible to run the program and the movies from the disk. As well, I have seen some posts that say ringo pro is the way to go if you want to have an mp3 play as a ringtone. Is their any performance issues using the 3rd party app or should I just look for an mp3 to midi convertor instead?

    Thanx for the help
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    I run TCPMP from my card and the movies also.

    I also use ringo pro for mp3 ringtones. Very happy with ringo with no problems.
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    I also run TCPMP and movies from the great.
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    Sorry to be bothersome but are you guys running ringo pro from the same card if so how do you manage it. Are you putting tcpmp , the movies, and ringo pro on a 1gb sd card and just deleting and adding movies as you go? I appreciate your advice!!!


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