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    Believe it or not, I can't seem to find a thread among many forums which relate to my specific situation (which I would think should be quite common). What I want is to use my Treo 650 as a modem via HotSync cable on my G4 iBook. I have successfully installed Wireless Internet on my laptop and my Treo, and configured settings to the point where I am prompted to connect by dialing #777 on my phone, clicking "OK" on the Internet Connect Utility, and hanging up the phone. After trying to connect, I get a message saying connection failed and prompting me to check settings. I must be missing an important step somewhere. Does anyone have the answer?
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    I'm interested in using the Treo's connection so my Powerbook can get online. I was told only the software PDANet could do this...ideas?
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    Have you visited the WirelessModem forums over at ? Lots of info there, including bad news that the T650 and WirelessModem don't seem to work with PBs (some odd USB issue).
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    There is another way, but it will take you many frustrating hours. PDANet works great on my 600. It's around $30.

    If you have WAY moe time than money, Keywords to search are DUN and Mac OS X and Treo.
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    Cant use the usb to connect, you have to go bluetooth. Go and get shadowmite's hack at and follow those directions. Then open internet connect and use the following:
    Password: vzw
    Phone Number: #777

    Modem: USB bluetooth

    If you have anyproblems or want more directions look to this website(particularly the last half of the directions as the first half is sprint specific):
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    I tried Wireless Modem...haven't been able to get it to work yet, but it seems like it will ....are you suggesting there is no USB solution?
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    I have had no luck with any USB solution, it shuts my phone off when i dial
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    There's this technique for using a SprintPCS phone as a modem with OS X. Haven't tried it with my Treo but it sounds easy. The only question is what needs to be set on the Treo?

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