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    Just got a 650 and having problems syncing over work address from the Powerbook G4 to the 650. For Home addresses on the G4, it syncs over to the Work addresses on the 650. For work addresses on the G4, it does not sync over at all.

    Any ideas?

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    I believe this is a known issue with apple's iSync conduit. I discovered this when I switched to Mac 18 months ago with my Tungsten T3. I do not believe there has been any significant change in the conduit to correct it. I am hoping new conduits are on the way (and maybe from and their Missing Sync product, which I am currently using).

    The only workaround is either only use the fields that work correctly on your mac, or enter the info directly into the 650, I believe then it will sync correctly.

    As always, a little note to apple at may help get this resolved.

    Let me know if you come up with anything else.


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    This is in several threads here, a search would find it. This is a limitiation of the iSync conduit. Missing sync doesn't help or change this, since it uses the iSync conduit also to synch addresses and calendars. The only workaround is to change work addresses in the address book to home addresses.
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