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    I downloaded the trial version onto my Treo 650. Put a few wma. songs on my sd card but pocket tunes comes up with this error message "Error This file could not be opened. It could be corrupted, or it could be restricted to only allow playback on certain devices." The music files i put on the sd card were wma. and 2 were dowloaded from napster but 1 was burned off my own cd and it won't play any of them. Can anyone help. Thanks.
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    Couple issues come to mind:

    First are you sure you have the wma plugin indtalled? And secondly, you can't play drm'd wma files, so the one you downloaded via napster won't play unless you burn it to CD and then re-rip it.
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    Thanks i did not know i could not play napster unless i burn to cd and then re rip. How about the file i got directly from a cd? How do i check if i have the wma plug in installed? Thanks for your help.

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