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    I used to have this app and lost it in a hard data reset. Now I cannot find it ANYWHERE! It's as if it does not exist. Anyone know where to get it??


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    You know for some reason I never was able to get this to work...
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    It worked great for me and I answered my own question... I coudn't find it because the PRC file is not called PC2PDA but is called FILEPC2PDA for some reason. I still had it on my PC. THANKS!
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    By the way Skillllllz, that was a different program you pointed to in your post, and therfore was not helpful...
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    OK Wait a sec... Sorry for jumping the gun. Is Palm File Browser a new version of PC2PDA? Or is it just the PRC that's named PC2PDA and the actual software is PFB??

    Wow ok, so I'm confused and jumped on the wrong thing. Apologies to Skillllllz...

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    Listen dude, apologizing to me is completely unnecessary; it's only your self which you hurt by acting as you did. Next time do your homework. All I did was search google and followed 1 link on the first page.

    Good luck
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    You're absolutely right, I jumped and eat the results. <shrug> I was searching for a specific file and could not find it, so I passed it up under the other name. I guess when you're frantically searching for something it's easy to get all pissy.

    I'm all cooled off now.


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