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    One step that seems to be logical but is never stated in anything I could find was if I needed to rename the Btmanager.patched.prc to Btmanager.prc when loading the shadowmite file to enable DUN.

    I have the instructions, just wondering.....

    Also, you can then use the Treo 650 as a dial up modem via the USB hotsync right? you dont need to also have blue tooth? Or am I going about all this the wrong way?

    I just want to get on the net via my 650 for a conference on Monday any way possible would be good. (Using my laptop that is.)

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    I renamed it to "btmanager.prc" , installed it, and it works well. I don't even get the reset when adding new trusted devices.


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    I have downloaded and installed PDAnet and I got on with my laptop with the trail which will do for now. prolly buy it if it works 100% during the company meeting.

    But I seem to be getting reset problems left and right since I installed the DUN patched file... humm....

    After the meeting on monday I will probably do a clean install of all and try adding the DUN thing with renaming the file.

    oddly not renaming it allows me to also use the features....

    anyone know which is necessary? and if Zlauncher plays well with this file?
    T650 - it will terminate itself!!

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