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    Hi All.
    I have a question for you regarding warranty on Cingular unlocked phones - I'm using one on Tmo right now. It's only a week old and I haven't really used it much and am contemplating contesting the ebay auction (the guy advertised an unlocked, unbranded gsm phone, but what i received was a cing unlocked phone).

    When I went onto PalmOne's site and put in my serial number as though I were going to do a repair, it said that I had the warranty repair and advance exchange available to me for $0. However, when I emailed PalmOne, they tell me that the phone I have is locked to ATT and that I have tech support thru P1 for 90 days but for hardware and repair issues to contact Cingular.

    Here's the big what if - what if I experience an issue with this phone and need to have it replaced - if I go through Cingular, won't they replace me with a locked phone? If I go through P1, wouldn't they, too, replace me with a locked phone? And, as a noncingular customer, how would I go about getting it unlocked?

    Seems to me like I'm kind of screwed here... Has anyone had a similar situation?

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    Cingular is pretty good about unlocking phones... for Cingular Customers, at least. I don't know what would happen if you did run into such an issue and had to get it replaced... actually, even getting it replaced under warranty might even be a bit of a hassle without a current Cingular account. I'd suggest calling Cingular customer service and see what they say.


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