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    I love my 650. The only problem is that I spend alot of time trying to get the perfect combination of software to meet my needs and many of them have overlapping functions. For Example:
    I use Agendus Pro for calendar and contacts but when using the dial pad I like the Palm Contacts due the the "1st initial last initial" lookup (agendus doesn't do it this way).
    I use Agendus mail for email but use Palm's Messaging program for SMS and chat.
    I use Ringo Pro for custome ring tones which requires Ptunes for MP3 rings.
    I want to use Butler for better control of the alarms and reminders but how will this integrate with all the other programs that are trying to control alarms and reminders (Palm calendar, Agendus, Agendus mail, Palm messaging...).

    Is it just me or is anyone else struggling with this?

    Any advice on the Butler integration? Is it worth it? Will it be the sole provider of alarm and reminder control? What happens if I change an alarm setting in a different program ie. agendus?

    Happy but stressed.
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    Agendus for Calendar / Contacts
    Takephone for Dialing
    Ptunes for MP3 Playing
    Snapper for Email
    Treoguard for misc.

    Your setup isn't unusual at all...that's the flexibility of the palm os at work.
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    I use Ringo Pro for custome ring tones which requires Ptunes for MP3 rings.
    The PRO version doesn't require Ptunes for MP3 ring/sms tones. It has a built in MP3 player for that purpose.

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