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    Anyone else using the Mot HS-850 with the T650?

    I'm having trouble figuring out the order in which I should be pressing what! (It shouldn't be this hard.)

    For a while, even though the dang thing was paired, I didn't get ANYTHING on the headset -- even when the BT icon on the Treo changed to a headset!

    Then, by some miracle, I started to be able to (somewhat reliably) ANSWER calls with the headset. Seems to work as you'd expect.

    But MAKING calls? Can't figure that out for beans...

    For example, dialing for my own VM:
    Test 1) Dial VM with headset on ear. After dial, hit MF-button. Treo BT icon turns to headset, but no sound. However, hitting MF-button again hangs-up Treo!

    Test 2) Hit MF button first, then dial from treo...same results (actually I don't think it even connects until you dial and then you have to hit MF button again).

    Please help???
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    I have used the HS850 and yes, it is flaky when using with the Treo 650. My suggestion is: If you can, return or sell the 850 and get a TWH or HBH-660.

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