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    Here is my setup:

    - Always-on desktop
    - Always-on Outlook checking multiple pop accoungs (removing mail from server)
    - NO EXCHANGE SERVER (IT won't run it and insists on imail in pop3 configuration)

    Are there any options for my to wirelessly sync my outlook and my treo? I'm on Verizon and I'd like any email changes I make on my treo (file, delete, etc) to be reflected on my desktop.

    Is this possible?

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    You can run any POP client to grab your mail (but it will sync only mail wirelessly - everything else will have to be via cradle sync). THere are any number of POP clients out there - the Verizon device has one on the ROM (Wireless Sync), you can install VersaMail from the CD, and there's also SnapperMail and Chatter. Look around on this forum, and you'll find that most folks prefer either Snapper or Chatter.

    Because you're running POP, I don't <think> that changes which occur on the handheld client side will be reflected on the desktop side, but I might be wrong abot that. In a POP scenario, the mail client on the device acts just like the mail client on your PC, so think of them as the same - if you were to access your POP server from any client other than your regular PC, what happens? The answer to that is the same answer that will be the case with the Treo.
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    Nrosser is correct.

    With POP, changes made on either your treo or your desktop will *not* be reflected on the other device. If you're using VersaMail, then the palm side will be updated to match the Outlook side during a hotsync (but not the other way around).
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    Thanks. This is what I figured.

    Does anyone have any experience with either Inbox to Go ( or Sproqit (

    These aps seem to do what I'm looking for...
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    Inbox-to-go is a redirector - that is, it forwards emails from your provider to a private server then on to your handheld. It only works when your PC is on with OUtlook running, with only one account and one folder, and has only limited auto-sync capabilities. In general, it provides very limited functionality.

    Sproquit puts software on your PC that sends emails and Outlook entries (appts, task) to the Sproquit server, and from there to your Palm. It too requires that your PC be up with Outlook running. It provides instantaneous sync with the Palm client - but it is not integrated with the Treo databases, so if you have contacts in Sproquit, you can't use them to dial the phone, for instance.

    After fighting these issues for 2 years, I have created a free IMAP account at Fastmail, to which I forward my email. I use Outlook on the PC side (even though Outlook has an extremely crappy IMAP implementation), and Versamail or Chatter on the Palm side.

    To ensure my appts and tasks are in sync, I use AutoSync, and have it set up to sync the Treo to Outlook every 30 minutes when the Treo is in its cradle.

    This is actually not a great solution, but it's the best of a *very* bad lot. (I've tried every solution mentioned on these boards - Sprint's Business Connection, Seven, Sproquit, Snapper, Versamail 2.5, Versamail 3.0, Chatter, Inbox-to-go, Eudora for the Palm, and a few others I don't remember).

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