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    Insertion: I am going to be the 2nd person (yeah...uh right, like there has only been 1 other complaint about your harassing personal attacks ;-) to push the little triangle on you.

    No wait!... better yet, the mods should just give this Marine the power to ban you myself...that would be wonderful! LOL
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    I too wanted to **** and moan about the problems I was having with my Treo 650 I purchased in March from Cingular. I tried 3 different sim cards and swapped the phone for a new from the store I bought it. Two weeks ago I called Cingular's customer service and told the rep the problems I was having and they gave me the number to their warranty and replacement service and was overnighted another replacement. This one I'm glad to say was trouble free, the software is version Treo650-1.04-CNG and the firmware is 01.05, Hardware version: A. I tried the "##377#" to see if I would get an error message and the phone passed with flying colors. I didn't wait and keep the phone virgin, I installed all my preferred apps again suffering no ill effects. Sorry to hear your troubles.
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    Shakespeare had it wrong, it should have been "First, kill all the plaintiffs".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shatter
    Would there be anybody that would support the investigation into a possible class action filing against Cingular for knowingly shipping a defective product? They are shipping the Treo 650 with known problems, yet they refuse to do anything except send you a replacement Treo which has the same known problems. I asked for a new phone after 90 days and they said that I was under contract and they would not offer me any other alternative. Comments?
    If you read the contract, you don't have the ability to do a class action lawsuit against Cingular.
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    Five bucks says the OP has an IQ of under 100.
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    I am personally fine with my 650, ecstatic actually, but shatter has a right to his frusteration and a right to find a solution. I am one for fighting corpRAT giants that take advantage of people....

    the 650 is so much better then the 600 (between 2 phone 19 returns within a year!) sprint is still selling it to poor unkowing people (600) even the store manager under his breath aknowledged the awful problems people are having with it.

    the more we take of that krap the more we're gunna get.

    I think you flamers need to wake up...
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    Phone Phreak: I think you made some valid points and I would like to add a few myself.

    The OP can feel any way he/she wants, but if you buy the 650 from Cingular (or any other carrier) then you have to be prepared to deal with *some* issues. You can't claim ignorance especially if you are trying to do it at TC where (arguably) the people here seem to know the device and its limitations better than Palm itself.

    If you know about these limitations (or even find out about them when you buy the phone) and you keep it beyond the trial period...then you must either be accepting those limitations or hoping that you can fix them.

    Right now, the 600 seems to be very stable. Its been out and tested for a long time now. Developers have tweaked their software due to great beta testers and good feedback. I think the 650 will be the same if given the same amount of time.
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    I have sat back and read the comments from everyone. Outside of evilghost and a couple of other uneducated kids, it has been interesting to say the least. I waited 6 months to purchase my Treo 650. I was a member here on TC for months. Being a long time Palm user, I am used to the occasional problem or workaround. I actually have a pretty solid 650, but there are still known problems that Palm and Cingular are aware of. I guess each of us has a level of pain, and a willingness to continue to seek workarounds to make something function properly. I am actually of proponant of Tort Reform and think the legal system needs to be fixed. I take the responsibility of knowing that the Treo had problems when I purchased it and I also admit that I did know that I had 30 days to return it. The point of all this is that a company needs to stand behind their products and take care of their customers. Cingular did not do that for me and Palm has let me down with the 650. Now we can kill this thing...
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    If I were you, i would keep requesting replacements. After about 10-15 replacements, they will get tired and ask what they can do. This is, if they are sending you phones with problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ekuzco
    Can we sue the cell phone companies for shipping radioactive products?
    Can we sue the oil companies or the cars makers because the cars are causing polution?
    Can we sue the housing developers or lumber companies because they are depleting the forests?
    Can we sue the beer brewers because of all the alcohol related car accidents?

    Can we sue Microsoft for buggy software?

    What about those annoying cupholders in German cars? Isn't that something I can pursue?

    Can we sue people who preach their religious beliefs to others in online forums that have nothing to do with religion?
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    Quote Originally Posted by evilghost
    Lord knows if everyone jumped on the class-action lawsuit for a defective product Microsoft would have been squashed long ago and american-made cars would cease to exist.
    Oh my, how much better off we'd be... heaven!
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