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    I have some sort of knowledge of Chatter. I want to get my email to push to my treo like it did my BB. The TREO shows an orange light when it "pulls" email. I dont know how to get it to just sent directly to the TREO without the treo having to "pull" it. I have read alot on IMAP and that stuff but I am not sure how to integrate that stuff.
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    You just need an IMAP account that provides the IDLE command (there are lots of threads about this, but,, and are good choices). I'm not sure what you mean about the "orange light", though, or "pulling" email.

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    every 10 mins or so the blinking green status light stays orange. That is when the treo seems to be "checking" email.
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    What version of Chatter are you running? What IMAP/POP3 service are you using? Does it use SSL?

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    I have no idea what IMAP/POP3 Service I am using. It is Business email. I have no idea if it uses SSL.

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