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    I just got my 650 yesterday and have not really played with it much but I noticed before I bought it and yesterday going through it that it could play MP3s.. is that correct?

    What I was wondering really was could you get a bluetooth headset that played the Mp3s or is that only for calls. I tried using the earbud yesterday just to test its quality and it had tons of feedback from the port so I would think regular headphones would be like that also. And I figured that if it was wireless that would be much more convenient for running or biking, or even rollerblading with my dog who is always yanking you around.

    I dont' really like the bulk of the ear pieces but I figured if it had more functions it could be work buying.
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    i dont think u can .. unlike nokias phone once u pair them . whatever sounds comes out of the phone goes to the headset.. on treo it only enable the blututh headset when making a call ... ;(
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    alright thanks.. I guess I'll just use my mp3 player then since its smaller, figured if I could reduce the number of things on me all the better.
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    The Bluetooth used in the 650 is 1.1. to listen to music via BT you need 1.2.

    If you want MP3 playback check out the Seido 2-in-1 headsets.

    Radioshack also sells adaptors that make it possible to use any wired headset with a 3.5mm plug.
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    No stereo music can be played through BT headphones on the Treo 650. Unless PalmOne is willing to update our BT 1.1 to 1.2 where all stuck with wired headphones for mp3's.
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    You canbuy a Jabra A210 adapter which is BT1.2 and use it with the 650 to listen to MP3s via a wireless headset.
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    BT, Beat me to the keyboard on this one. Ben

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