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    I am trying to synch music files to a second (empty) 128mb SD card using WMP 10. Even though the card is empty, WMP gives me a not enough space error. I have reformatted the card using both the Treo 650 and the PC, and have reinserted the card while pTunes is running, but no dice.

    I think that part of the problem is that WMP must carry a profile of the device with the old card. If the old card isn’t in the device then it thinks that no card is in the device. One clue is that when I go to the synch window in WMP, the bottom right of the screen says “0 bytes/975MB (120MB free)”. My other card is 1gb but I am trying to place files on a 128mb card. So I think that WMP is confused as to what card I have in the Treo.

    Any one else have this problem?
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    Save yourself a headache. Install *Palm File Browser and just drag the files in question from your PC to the /Audio directory on the new card.

    *Make sure that on the PC side you choose Palm USB instead of Palm (Handsprint) and on Treo side you select Port instead of USB...
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    Thanks. That's a viable option, but the advantage of the WMP-ptunes route is that it compresses the files somewhat so I can get more songs on the card.

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