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    I find bulter285 alarm can wake_up and use realplayer ,
    but realplayer not direct play mp3 , why ?
    only pop realplayer tool on 650

    another program is agendus 7 , when 650 is OFF , agendus can wakeup
    but no alarm voice , only show "screen" .

    but treo650 defualt datebook can do .

    only mring 2.7 work well with my Treo650
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    I find it , when I use treo650 keyguard , will disable mp3 player .

    2playMe & bulter also .. if I want to use mp3 alarm , I must off keyGuard
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    I believe that butler will only work with pocket tunes or the other non-Real Players. My guess is that it is a licensing/royalty reason. No probs here iwth Bulter and pTunes working together for mp3s and wmsa.
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    the issue is that Real don't publish an API. I've hacked in and it works with the 600 (sort-of) but not with the 650. Will probably try a new method soon...
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