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    Hi all

    Yesterday my year-and-a-half old treo600 fell off the desk on the floor and the display went black. It now displays just one-pixel wide white lines at the top and bottom of the screen and everything else is black. I tried resetting, hard resetting, etc. When I do that the screen flickers, I get beeps when pressing with the stylus, etc. It seems that it's working as usual except that the display is dead.

    Has anyone else had similar problems? Is it possible to fix? This is an Orange phone in UK - can it be fixed in UK? Anybody knows how much it will cost?

    Thanks for any information you may have.
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    If its not under warranty and if you don't have insurance, I would take it apart and see if any connections came apart. There is a cable that connects the screen to the motherboard...maybe something has come loose. You can search on here for other posters who have replaced their batteries on how to take it apart.

    The cost to get the screen fixed has been posted might find it more cost effective to upgrade to the 650 now (assuming you can get it)?
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    You can get part here
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    I had similar symptoms, though I had a blue screen, with one line of white pixels across the top and bottom. So I replaced the battery this morning (had ordered a backup battery about 4 months ago from, but had not yet installed it). At first I had no screen at all! Turns out, there's a connector near the battery that came loose which ties the screen to the rest of the unit. I re-opened, reconnected the loose connector, and all's well. No more blue screen. If your battery is 1.5 years old, it almost certainly needs to be replaced.
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    Who has a $600 phone and no insurance
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    Someone who bought one of the first Treo600s, for well less than $600, when they weren't offering insurance.
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