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    I am on my 3rd 600 due the screen developing orange spots, this is a common 600 problem. I have an opportunity to go to the 650, has anyone had this problem with a 650
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    Nope. The 650 screen is awesome. I've had it take a half dozen tumbles from waist height onto the ground (in the side loader case, fortunately) and the 650 still looks and works new.
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    Can't say Ive ever heard a report of this on the 650.
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    Pink Elephants?
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    The 650 may be too new for this to occor. If you are worried about it then do what my friend did and get the insurance from your carrior. She had a 600 that develiped the Ornage thing just a week over her year warranty. ANd sense she did not have any insurance she did not get any sympathy.
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    Theres is been no screen res issue so far with the treo 650..Its the best ever..too cool
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